Aquatech aerobic sand filter sewerage and waste water treatment systems are a much better alternative to septic tank installations





Forget troublesome septic tanks and choose these environmentally friendly aerobic sand filter treatment systems from Markwell Plumbing

Aquatech Treatment Systems Superiority
Forget traditional
Australian septic tank systems. Choose the more efficient and environmentally friendly Aquatech aerobic sand filter treatment systems from Markwell Plumbing. Our household waste water treatment system is more effective, cheaper to maintain and more protective of the environment. Click here to find out how it all works.

A "Green" Solution
Treated water is dispersed in a controlled way to benefit your lawns, gardens or bushland setting. It's the truly "green" way to handle sewerage and other household waste water without recourse to chemicals or other nasty side effects. Australia badly needs this type of water conservation measure.

Australian Technology
Aquatech's aerobic sand filter wastewater treatment systems were developed in Australia to suit Australian conditions. Markwell Plumbing were one of the original professionals engaged in this highly effective solution for sewerage and household waste water. Today Aquatech Treatment Systems are stand-out leaders in this field.

Distribution and Installation
Markwell Plumbing are the NSW distributors and installation contractors for Aquatech Treatment Systems. They have the technical knowledge, installation experience and dedication to client satisfaction you can't do without
. Just part of the reason why most new clients are the result of referrals from our existing customer base.

Investigate now!
Find out more by contacting us now by phone, fax or email. Whether you are about to commence a new building project or need a solution for a failed septic tank installation, Markwell Plumbing probably has the answer.

Proudly Australian



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